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Plumeria Obtusa

Plumeria Obtusa

Plumeria Obtusa can grow as either a small shrub or tree ranging in height from 0.9-6.1 meters with widely spaced thick succulent branches that are often covered with “knobby” protuberances.

In Hawai`i it is considered semi-evergreen because in hot, dry conditions many, but not all, of the leaves may be lost. The leaves are found in clusters near the tips of the branches. They are large (6-22 cm long and 2-7 cm wide) and have a characteristic oblong shape and the tip of the leaf is obtuse (rounded) rather than pointed as it is in other species. The leaves are dark and leathery and tend to be shiny on the upper surface with conspicuous parallel secondary veins that run from the midvein to the margins of the leaves.

Green World Nursery is a reputed Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Plumeria Obtusa. The common names of the plant are Singapore Graveyard Flower, Lei Flower, White Plumeria, Singapore Frangipani, Singapore Plumeria etc.

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